The characters add something special to any celebration or Childs party.  I will attempt to make any character and personalise it by trying to match hair styles/colours/glasses etc. There are large and small versions of the children's characters which I have included to meet different price requirements.



#CHA011 - Pink Fairy Princess
#BAB027 - Baby Boy with dummy
#BAB108 - Baby Girl with dummy (Horse not included)
#CHA043 - Character with Glasses
#CHA044 - Body of Character with Glasses
#CHA059 - Bell of the Ball
#CHA090 - Princess
#CHA094 - do you know a future Ian Botham? This could be just what you need for that special birthday or celebration. Measures approx 6ft!
#KID021 - Large Elf - This 6ft approx. character is a great addition to any party
#KID075 - Alien One
#KID076 - Alien Two
#CHA011 - Pink Fairy Princess

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